This may be your chance to invest in some top notch artists without losing your shirt! Owning a share in a piece of art is now for everyman, (or woman).

Masterworks, is a two-year-old start-up, which buys artwork with a built-in profit potential and then sells shares in it to its art loving customers using its online platform. It's click art investment in a nutshell.

According to Scott Lynn the founder of the business, it is taking the monopoly of buying art out of the hands of the rich and allowing anyone to invest in it.

Basically, interested customers sign up, chose a piece of art, and decide how many shares they want to buy in it, with minimums starting at $1,000. So you've got to have a bit of capital to start with.

For example, Monet’s “Coup de Vent” painting, valued at $7 million, has a couple of thousand investors right now, expects more interest, and by the time Masterworks decides to sell it to a collector, should realise a profit for its clients.

Based in New York , Masterworks divides the art market into two areas, Lynn said. One, called “blue chips,” includes bankable artists like Monet, and performs with high single digit or low double digit returns, with low risk. The other is defined by mid-career, living artists, whose work can yield investors a return of roughly 12% to 20% a year, with moderate risk, Lynn said.

At the time of writing, they have a range of artists you can invest in such as Andy Warhol, whose investment return is given as 12.17 Median Ann. Returns. And Jean Michel Basquiet at 16.72 Median Ann. Returns. But to get more info check out their impressive website below.

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