Here are some interesting facts about Andy Warhol. As you probably know, Warhol was a ‘Pop artist’ who mainly focused on celebrity, advertising and artistic expression.

Hs secret nickname was Drella, which was a combination of Dracula and Cinderella because of the two sides of his nature.

His studio was called The Factory which was a meeting place for celebrities and bohemians, who were very often photographed or filmed by Warhol.

He had a background in advertising design and was adept with many forms of media, which included drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, film and music. He became the proprietor of a magazine called ‘Interview Magazine’. He was also the author of several books such as ‘Cats Cats Cats’, ‘Think Rich Look Poor’, and The Andy Warhol Diaries’, among others.

In the 1960s he produced a series of iconic artworks and objects which celebrated American life. These included, famously, Campbell’s Soup cans, Marilyn Monroe and Coca-Cola bottles.

Warhol was a chronic hypochondriac who was petrified of hospitals and doctors.

Andy Warhol was shot , but not fatally, on 3rd June 1968 by Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist.

In the 1970s Warhol’s work was popular with many celebrities, such as Mick Jagger, Diana Ross, John Lennon etc.

The founding of the New York Academy of Art in 1979, was among his greatest achievements.

Artist Rothko said that Warhol represented the worst things about America: Celebrity and Consumerism.

Andy Warhol died from complications following post gallbladder surgery and was buried at St John the Baptist Byzantine Cemetery, next to his parents.

Born 6 August 1928 Died 22 Feb 1987.

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