David Hockney – 10 facts

Born 9 July 1937

He sold his first painting for £10 which was a portrait of his father.

He was voted Britain’s most influential artist of all time.

He declined a knighthood, but is still OM, CH and RA.

Some of his most notable pieces are inspired by the fairy tales of Brothers Grimm.

The Royal School of Art altered its regulations to award him a diploma. As a student, he was accepted by both The Slade School and the RCA but preferred the RCA where his pals were.

He was friends with Andy Warhol and greatly admired Picasso.

One of his most famous works is ‘Splash’ painted in 1966.

Hockney is well known for experimenting with photocollage, creating fascinating 360-degree panoramas, which he called ‘The Joiners’.

He is also a set designer for operas and ballets, such as Stravinsky’s ‘Rakes Progress’.

His artworks auction for prices in the millions of dollars.

This website votes him as one of fav current artists! WAY TO GO HOCKERS!

To see some of David Hockney's official pieces go to: http://www.hockney.com/home

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