Plane pierced with arrows is an art installation not real history

Apparently social media users have been duped into believing that a photo of an art exhibition showing a plane pierced with dozens of arrows is an authentic historical artefact.

One post captioned the photo: 'The anthropologists decided that the tribe that fired the arrows was to remain ‘uncontacted'. Another user reckoned that the photo shows a plane that had been attacked by Brazil’s Kawahiva population, (a tribe left uncontacted by the outside world.)

However, the photo shows a 2011 art installation called ‘Avion’ created by Los Carpinteros, a Cuban collective made up of artistic duo Marco Antonio Castillo Valdes and Dagoberto Rodriguez Sanchez .

Speaking about their fascinating work, the artists explained that it represented a 'clash of cultures' in Brazil: the plane symbolising development; and the arrows, the indigenous communities.

'This situation could actually be happening in Brazil at a certain point,' artist Valdes is quoted as saying. Sanchez observed that 'It’s not a very weird circumstance, this happens very often because of a clash of cultures. The one that the airplane represents and the one that lives in the forest.'

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